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What is Escape to Love?

Escape to Love is a City Escape experience designed by the Spanish company Futura Vive Technologies for the City Council of Hornachuelos, Cordoba in which participants (groups, or individuals) will have the mission to help save the two lovers, Doña Leonor and Don Alvaro, from a deadly fate thanks to intervention of a future space-time traveller called Jax Astra de Rivas, and descendant of the Duke of Rivas, author of the play La Fuerza del Sino, theatrical piece written in prose and verse and which is one of the jewels of Spanish romantic theater. The play inspired Giuseppe Verdi to create the opera La Forza del Destino, whose second act takes place entirely in the town of Hornachuelos.


In her role as narrator, the fictional character Jax Astra de Rivas makes use of the most advanced technology, including Humanoid Robots, holographic equipment, virtual reality simulators as well as other technologies such as Augmented Reality and the Metaverse.


In this exciting and thrilling adventure, participants will be able to interact with the latest cutting edge technology.


They will also be able to access different activities through a fully functional Metaverse. Some of the functionalities of the Hornachuelos Metaverse are:


  • Walk through the streets of Hornachuelos and know the main tourist attractions.
  • Visit the Hornachuelos Virtual Tourist Office open 24/7.
  • Networking Room
  • Virtual Hornachuelos Conference Room.
  • Meet Tokyo the Robot and Escape to Love Characters.
  • Music Playback (overture of Force of Destiny).


Through an application-assisted gamification process, participants will be able to immerse themselves in the rich history and cultural heritage of Hornachuelos and learn about the Roman Empire, the Arab conquest of Spain and the history of Hornachuelos in general through historical characters such as the Duke of Rivas, Giuseppe Verdi and Ibn Marwan, who was known in the Christian kingdoms as “the Galician” as he came from the north of what is now Portugal.

How the experience unfolds

The narrator is called Jax Astra de Rivas, descendant of the Duke of Rivas. She will welcome you with a holographic animation in the Antiguo Colegio Victoria Diez.




The experience consists of 12 main games and 8 optional bonus activities.


Within the 12 main games there are 6 blocks.  Each block is composed of 1 key game that will provide access to the main game.


Block 1 – Guiseppe Verdi






Starring: Giuseppe Verdi


Key Game – Notes in the Wind


Help Verdi to recompose his sheet music score using Augmented Reality.


Main Game – Verdi’s Discordant Notes


Help Verdi to finish his work La Forza del Destino using Smart Tables.


Block 2 – The Lovers


Protagonists: Doña Leonor and Don Alvaro






Key Game – A souvenir for the future


Upload your best pics of the most romantic places in Hornachuelos to your Social Networks .


Main Game – Help the lovers


Using Smart Beacon technology, help Doña Leonor and Don Álvaro find their precious souvenirs before they part forever.


Block 3 – Frog Game


Starring: Seneca and Nero






Key game – Magic Window


Use augmented reality to enter a magical portal. 


Main Game – Calm Nero


Play the Frog Game to quench Nero’s thirst for power using augmented reality. But beware… the frog attacks too!


Block 4 – Romans


Starring: Roman Centurion




Key game – To your stations!


Find a crossbow to defend Hornachuelos from the Romans.  You will need to overcome a 3D maze using your smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope.


Main Game – The Romans are attacking!


Stop the Romans from entering the city using the crossbow on the smart screens.


Block 5 – Castle


Starring: IBN Marwan




Key game – Digging equipment


Build a shovel using augmented reality


Main Game – The Sands of Time


Using augmented reality use your digging equipment and virtual radar to recover the hidden treasures of Al Idrisi.


Block 6 – IBN MARWAN


Starring: IBN Marwan and Tokyo the Robot




Key Game – Tokyo Robot Needs a New Chip


Repair the Tokyo the Robot’s microchip so that IBN Marwan can communicate with it.


Main Game – Ibn Marwan has a few questions for you


Using the Humanoid Social Robot Tokyo solve the questions that IBN Marwan and Tokyo have for you.

Bonus Activites

Once you complete the ESCAPE TO LOVE experience, you can head over to the Antiguo Colegio Victoria Díez. Here,  participants will be able to play different bonus activities: 


Bonus activities:




History of Hornachuelos: The friendly robot Sanbot will summarize the history of Hornachuelos through its screen and projector.   Also, if you behave yourself, he will probably teach you a robotic dance with some cool tech moves 🙂 .



Heritage of Hornachuelos: Tokyo the Robot, Gold Edition will serve as an information point on the history and heritage of Hornachuelos.



See Hornachuelos’ coats of arms: Four holographic displays will show you the 6 coats of arms of Hornachuelos.



Magic floor: Play Simon Says on the magic floor and follow different dance beats.



Fortune Teller Robot: Robot Tokyo will show its fortune telling skills and will display the approximate age, gender and emotional status of visitors.  You’d better smile! 


Spaceship Chroma: Participants will be able to take pictures in the Escape to Love Chroma with their favorite characters and also sitting in a mind-blowing spaceship.



Uploading photos to social networks: Using the APP, participants will be able to upload photos to social networks with their favorite characters and inside a spaceship.


Merchandising Store: You can get your Escape to Love souvenirs in our fully equipped merch store with different Escape to Love objects

How to play Escape to Love?

The experience can be booked through the booking website: or through authorized agents.


Who can play Escape to Love?

The Escape to Love experience can be played either individually, in groups of families or by large groups of up to 96 consecutive users.


The individual and group of friends format game has a maximum duration of 3 hours, and people can play it freely, with no time limits on each stage.


The large group format game is designed to encourage competition between groups that will be divided into subgroups of four people who will have to compete against each other to win.

When will Escape to Love be available?

The Escape to Love Experience will be available during the first quarter of 2023.

Where can I play Escape to Love?

The game can be booked at, and in order to play you must physically go to the town of Hornachuelos in Cordoba.

If you want to receive more information or learn more about the town or the characters, you can interact with the virtual tourist office 24/7 in the Hornachuelos Metaverse.

Why in Hornachuelos?

Hornachuelos, Cordoba is a town with a rich history and cultural heritage that we should all get to know and appreciate.   The Escape to Love experience allows players to learn about all these things through a gamification process integrated with the latest technology: Social Humanoid Robotics, Holograms, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the Metaverse. Thanks to Escape to Love, Hornachuelos counts with an impressive technological display that is one and only in the world.


Thanks to Escape to Love, Hornachuelos is now a Smart Tourist Destination by incorporating the First City Escape with Robots, Holography, Virtual Reality Equipment, Metaverse and Augmented Reality through gamification.




More information:




Alejandro Tamarit: – Hornachuelos City Council –




Roberto Menéndez: – CEO Futura VIVE – 91 838 8556 –

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